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Pony Plush commissions

Feel free to ask me about commissions. :happybounce: 

Specifics Terms

  • My plushies are made with Cuddle 3 minky fabric (by Shannon fabrics). They will be ordered from minky-europe from France (orders can take 1-2 weeks)
  • I use my own pattern design of body, head, mane and tail
  • For embroidery designs I use a Brother Innov-is 750E and Pe-Design Next
  • Eyes and cutiemarks are directly embroidered on fabric
  • I use Amann isacord embroidery threat
  • There will be my signature embroidered into the bottom of the hind left hoof
  • Plushies are stuffed with polyester fiberfill
  • For balancing I put poly pellets in the hindlegs for better standing (for princesses also wire in the hindlegs)
  • Head, bottom of hooves, wings, horn, mane and tail are hand sewn
  • My plushies are made in a smoke-free environment
  • I have two cats, if you are allergic to cats it´s your own responsibilty if you order some plushies from me

Sizes: (from hoof to the top of the head)

  • Standing mares are approx. 40cm/15,7" tall (without mane)
  • Princesses are approx. 58cm/22,8" tall
  • Stallios are approx. 45cm/17,7" tall (without mane)
  • Beanies (feel free to ask)

Commission Terms

  • I can sew for the moment mares, fillies and princesses
  • OC´s depend on complexity (feel free to ask)

Price Terms

  • Payment will be via PayPal (I will send you an invoice) or banktransfer (for EU)
  • Payment will be in USD and EUR
  • Full payment is required before I start
  • Payment for all invoices must be paid within 1 week, if not I cancel the commission and the slot goes to someone else.
  • I do not give discounts. It´s  not fair to the other commissioners. But you can ask me for a special price management.

Standard mare:

  1. Earth Pony: 260 USD/237 EUR
  2. Pegasi: (with folded wings) 275 USD/251 EUR; (with open wings) 290 USD/265 EUR
  3. Unicorn: 260 USD/237 EUR
  4. Alicorn: 290 USD/ 265 EUR

Mane six

  1. Apple Jack (with magnetic hat): 280 USD/256 EUR
  2. Pinkie Pie: 260 USD/237 EUR
  3. Rarity: 260 USD/237 EUR

    Rarity Plush by LeFay00
  4. Twilight Sparkle: 290 USD/265 EUR (wingless)
  5. Fluttershy: 285 USD/252 EUR (with closed wings)

    Fluttershy by LeFay00
  6. Rainbow Dash: 330 USD/301 EUR (with closed wings)

 Standard Filly:

  • Earth Pony: 180 USD/164 EUR
  • Pegasi: (with folded wings) 200 USD/182 EUR, (with open wings) 220 USD/200 EUR
  • Unicorn: 180 USD/164 EUR
  • Alicorn: 220 USD/ 200 EUR


     -       Apple Bloom: 200 USD/183 EUR

     -       Sweetie Belle: 250 USD/228,50 EUR

     -       Scootaloo: 200 USD/182 EUR


Standard Princess: 600 USD/ 547 EUR

  1. Princess Luna: 600 USD/ 547 EUR
  2. Princess Celestia: 800 USD/ 738 EUR
  3. Princess Candace: 600 USD/ 547EUR
  4. Chrysalis: 800 USD/ 738 EUR


Standard Stallion (feel free to ask)

Beanies (feel free to ask)
  1. Regular Beanie 
  2. Standing Floppy Beanie
  3. Mini Beanie

Shipping Terms

  • I ship worldwide from Austria with standard international post
  • Shipping costs for US are 50 USD for mares
  • International shipping costs depend on the country (please ask)
  • Shipping to US takes about  10-15 days (other countries please ask)
  • Shipping costs does not include any taxes or import charges and have to pay by the commissioner. Please check this before
  • I take no responsibility for damage and loss of packages (if you like to have an insurance for your package, please tell me. There will be some extra costs)

Commission time

  • I sew plushies beside my job and my two young baby twins. So therefore my sewing time depends on life situation.
  • Each commission takes about 1-3 weeks to complete (without shipping and ordering materials)

Returns and Cancellations

  • No returns will be accepted
  • If you like to cancel your commission it depends on if I started the commission or not. If not I will refund your purchase minus PayPal fees and cost of ordering materials
  • If I started the commission already no refunds may be issued.

Handling Terms

  • My plushies are handmade creations (some parts are stichted by hand). So therefore a rough handling is not recommended otherwise some parts can get damaged. I will not take responsibilty if some parts get damaged, so please take care of it.
  • My plushies are also not suitable for washing machine. Only handwash with a moist towel will be fine.


Pokemon Amigurumi Commission

Feel free to ask me about commissions :happybounce: 

Chibi Starter Set: 40 EUR/43 USD

Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle

High: 6 cm, Width: 4 cm
Materials: 2,5mm hook, 125m/50g wool, Fairy tale wool

Electric Mice Set: 38 EUR/42 USD
Pichu: 5 cm tall with ears, head is about 3cm wide
Pikachu: 7 cm tall (with ears), head is 3,5 cm wide
Raichu: 7 cm tall (with ears), head is 4,5 cm wide , he has a long tail which you can move in all directions

Materials: 2,5mm hook, 125m/50g wool and felt

Chibi´s under 6cm: 10 EUR/ 11 USD

Chibi´s about 6cm: 15 EUR/ 16 USD

Chibi´s above 6 cm: 20 EUR/ 22 USD

Chibi´s above 10 cm: 25 EUR/ 27 USD

Pokemon Plush Commission

Feel free to ask me about commissions. :happybounce: 



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